I started collecting cacti and succulents (mainly cacti) aged 10 encouraged or rather not discouraged by my grandfather. As is typical I lost interest by the age of 15 as wine, women and song came into focus. However, interest was rekindled in my early 30’s when along with my best mate we both realised that we had a shared passion neither of us had previously discussed.


Initially my interest was cacti and more specifically Melocactus and Discocactus. You may ask how this turned to Haworthia (I often ask the same question, as does my best mate). Upon reflection there were a few factors: Firstly, I collected and grew about every type of Melocactus and Discocactus I could find so had come to a standstill so moved on to collect and grow most of the cacti I liked. Secondly, about twenty years ago I went on my first cactus crawl with the Waltham Forest Branch of B.C.S.S. Here I met and slowly had my eyes opened to other cacti and succulents by various members of the crawl, mainly Alan Rollason and Stirling Baker who kept pushing me towards ‘weeds’ as I called them (Haworthia). Thirdly, I saw Cok Crootstcholten’s Haworthia collection, more importantly his variegated Haworthia … ​WOW, that was it, I was hooked, all these years later I can still remember that collection to this day.


If I can provide people access to some wonderful plants at reasonable prices that will give me as much pleasure as I had looking at those plants and the collections of the aforementioned Mr Rollason and Mr Baker, then I will be happy.


Happy Growing